Monday, November 5, 2007

Madrid, Incandescent

Saturday night's match with Sevilla put a wrap on a week that saw Madrid play 3 times in just 7 days, a crucial stretch for a club struggling with form and injury issues. The results: passionate football, 6 points, some moments of pure genius, and at least a few more days in the top spot in the league table.

There was the 3-1 win against Deportivo La Coruna, followed by a tie with a Valencia squad very much in transition. Valencia manager Quique Sanchez Flores was sacked following Valencia's 3-0 loss against Sevilla, and their match against Madrid was the first in the post-Sanchez era.

Madrid went to the Mestalla in Valencia and put on a clinic in flowing, attacking, one-touch football. It seemed that everything that had “failed” during the beginning of the season came together all at once.

The midfield, too often the cause of a lack of cohesion on the pitch, was epic. The defense was sturdy, supported by the double pivot of Diarra-Gago. Gago flashed brilliance during the match, providing long-range passes and support to the true engine of the team, GUTI.HAZ.

The golden locks were prominent, linking up with Van Nistelrooy and Raul up top with some absolutely deadly passes. Guti provided through balls, little lobs, vision, creativity, and deadly accuracy. With the support in the middle of the park from Diarra-Gago, Guti actually had less work, but was as prolific as ever.

Guti set up a goal for Sergio Ramos that can best be described as a low-flying missile off the far post and into the back of the net. On that wonderstike, one can see that Ramos grew up a forward. That kind of powerful shot with a lethal finish is usually seen from the Samuel Etoo’s and Didier Drogba’s of the world.

Robinho continued to provide flair from the left wing, disrupting defenders and creating openings for the forwards.

As for the the match, the possession flowed through the Madrid midfield like a checkers piece performing triple and quadruple jumps. It was quite a sight, the kind of performance that brings the chills, goosebumps, dare I say it, a salty discharge from the eye. The kind you just dab lightly.

It was that good of a performance. I plan on showing my kids this game, along with the 2-14-06 wonder against Real Zaragoza, when I tell them why I love football.

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